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August 26, 2019

Cybersecurity Awareness Training from CST: make your staff part of the defence, not the victim.

One of your primary objectives as a Data Owner is to protect your business’ data from cybercriminals who outsmart your security infrastructure to gain access. But what happens when cybercriminals attempt to outsmart your users with a phishing attack? Recent studies show that phishing attacks are more disruptive than ransomware, malware or hacking, and are the most common type of cyberattacks.

It seems that nowadays, tricking staff members into inadvertently handing over sensitive information or data to cybercriminals is relatively easy. Attackers have access to sophisticated methods to imitate and impersonate major businesses such as banks, online retailers and even inter-company influential individuals such as Senior Management. A simple request on an email to click a link can install a vicious malware infection to your systems causing a myriad of untold IT and data security issues. If a breach occurs, companies can find themselves the subject of the latest industry news and quickly contact their PR representatives to exercise damage limitation. This is a situation that no one wants to find themselves in.

How confident would you feel about the rigidity of your security measures if you could train your staff to be as security-savvy as your software? Many businesses find added peace of mind which comes from applying an extra layer of security to their security efforts.

Your staff can complement your overall security strategy with Cybersecurity Awareness Training Sessions from CST; empower your users to become your last line of defence rather than a victim.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for the typical staff member of any organisation to help them identify common cyber threats. Despite heavy investment in cyber defence solutions and technology, businesses are still suffering due to the increasing success of phishing attacks.

The training provides the context and practical tips on recognising email and web threats using real world examples. There will be interaction with the internet to demonstrate how sensitive details about a business and individuals can be obtained and sold on the black market along with a walkthrough of recent fraudulent emails and counterfeit websites. The approach is to keep the content interesting, relevant, easy to digest and we even throw in a little humour to stimulate thought processes around potential attacks.

More information on Cybersecurity Awareness Training Sessions from CST, please contact our specialist sales representatives who will be in touch to discuss your requirements.