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The course is designed for the typical staff member of any organisation to help them identify common cyber threats. Despite heavy investment in cyber security solutions and technology, businesses are still suffering due to the increasing success of phishing attacks.

Who is this course for?

This course is to help users become your last line of defence rather than a victim. The training provides the context and practical tips on recognising email and web threats using real world examples.

There will be interaction with the internet to demonstrate how sensitive details about a business and individuals can be obtained and sold on the black market along with a walkthrough of recent fraudulent emails and counterfeit websites. The approach is to keep the content interesting, relevant, easy to digest and we even throw in a little humour to stimulate thought processes around potential attacks.

Topics covered

  1. Lost or stolen hardware: how to safeguard mobile devices
  2. Email: coaching of 8 methods to identify fake, forged or suspicious emails
  3. Web Browsing: coaching of 6 methods to identify malicious and fake web sites
  4.  Public Wi-Fi: applying caution when connecting to Wi-Fi
  5. Passwords: what makes a strong password, how to remember them and what NOT to do with them.


  • Understand basic cyber-security concepts and the threat terminology such as: phishing, scam, spyware and malware.
  • Be aware of the risks faced by organisations and individuals.
  • Understand some of the ways that these threats can affect and impact their businesses
  • Provide practical tips and methods on how to identify typical email and web-based threats
  • Appreciation of the legal, regulatory and management responsibilities for protecting the business
  • Know who and how to report breaches and incidents.


Key course facts

  • Instructor delivered: Using an experienced professional to deliver the course, interact with the audience, answer questions and offer pragmatic helpful advice

  • Typical audience: Typical staff and users of computing that may fall victim to cybercriminals. The course is designed for staff who lack an understanding of cybersecurity and require instruction and coaching to recognise cyber threats

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Delegates: up to 6

  • Delivery: Client premises (public classes subject to demand)

  • Prerequisites: access to internet via Wi-Fi, suitable meeting/training room, projector and flip chart

  • Cost: £460 + VAT + travelling costs where applicable

  • Limitation: This course is not designed for cybersecurity professionals or IT support staff as the course covers typical common email and web threats which members of staff (outside IT) may fall victim to

  • Security Awareness Handout & Poster

    Where required, a User Awareness Cybersecurity Handout can be added at a nominal cost with your company logo and details. This will support the course and act as a new starter asset or distributed to existing staff as reminder of good practises. The brochure can also foldout to be used as a poster for common staff areas. Costs available on request.

What a recent Customer had to say

We found CSTL professional and easy to engage with; they provided a series of in-house cyber awareness training sessions for staff. The feedback from the training was very positive, we were given examples that we could all relate to and improvements were suggested which could easily be adopted. The training was delivered in an extremely friendly way, which in our case, encouraged our staff to engage throughout, meaning we all took more from it.  Overall, these have increased our understanding of cyber-security risks to our business, as well as coaching staff of how to identify cyber threats and act accordingly.



Cyber Awareness

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