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July 2, 2019

Did you spot any of these prolific phishing and spam scams during the first few months of 2019?

A useful site by Kaspersky lists all known phishing and spam attacks across many popular websites and apps. Releasing their quarterly highlights, Kaspersky compiles a list of known major threats in an attempt to generate awareness of how cybercriminals are adopting increasingly cunning new tactics and technology to foil the general public into divulging personal information. Among the biggest names to be targeted were dating apps such asTinder, social media heavyweight Instagram and technology giant Apple.

Itís not just retailers who cash-in on national days such as Valentineís Day; cybercriminals use them to their advantage, too. Intercepting purchases made by admirers or for loved ones is a known and common threat. By simply tapping a link in a message, victimíspayment details can be sent to cybercriminals, for example, or inauthentic emails to customers to update payment methods, resulting in stolen bank details.

Another scam often occurs when companies such as Apple launch a range of new products. Cybercriminals will intercept and redirect users to scam websites imitating official Apple websites during the set-up process. Apple fell victim to this phishing scam in late March, following the launch of new product lines.

If youíre an Instagram user, be cautious of any offers that seem too good to be true (because they usually are). A number of spam and phishing scams were revealed on Instagram earlier this year where so-called retailers were offering purchasable items at rock- bottom prices. Who doesnít love a bargain? These types of scams fooled many Instagram users. Cybercriminals posted links on comments of high-performing posts (for extra reach), paid for advertising and even registered fake accounts to lure users into divulging their personal information.

You can read the full details on all recorded spam and phishing scams during Q1. Check this website regularly for the latest published attacks.

Have you considered the repercussions of a phishing attempt such as this happening within your business? The solution lies with your staff. Empower them with the knowledge to spot a scam or inauthentic message with Security Awareness Training from CST. Get in touch with our sales team today if you would like to discuss this in more detail.