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March 1, 2014

Monthly roundup from CST
Your guide to the IT news this month

Welcome to the February edition of our information and system security monthly news roundup.

Each month our newsletter covers current and emerging issues from the world of IT, technical tips, security events, best practice advice and ideas that can reduce budget spend and maximise return on investment.

What is two-factor authentication?

Security remains a hot topic in the IT world with 2013 seeing more than enough data breaches to test any userís comfort zone.

So could two-factor authentication be the way forward for our web logins? What are the principles behind this technology and who are the providers pioneering it?

Snapchat hacked

Most firms know of the benefits of social media, yet many are dubious to embark upon it. It can have the potential to do more harm than good should control rest with an untrained or unwitting member of staff - unless you take preventative steps.

Is your Active Directory healthy? - Check out our Webex

Microsoft lacks a set of native tools for managing the security of AD. The administrator's job is hard enough already without the resource intensive tasks of manually securing AD. Time to check out our Health Check Webex?