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Computer Security Technology is an established UK consultancy specialist providing Cyber Security and Infornation Protection services and solutions.

CST 22 years experience

Join us for a 45 minute WebEx to discover, secure and manage your critical information.

Access to organisation's critical information has never been more prolific, with or without malicious intent; via the increased adoption of the internet, web tools and the automation of commercial operations via collaboration tools such as email, web, social media and IM.

Critical information protection enables organisations to control where sensitive data resides and how it is used on endpoint devices to manage information security, governance and compliance risks and identify control priorities.

Information Protection supports a combination of security features, including device control, deep content inspection, remediation actions, encryption and comprehensive auditing.

Join us for this 45 minute WebEx where we will cover:

An advanced threat is the type of cyber attack that bypasses traditional security technology and network defences, examples include:

  • Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Adaptive Redaction
  • Securing the Endpoint

Duration: 45 minutes

Information Protection

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