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Clearswift offers highly innovative content-aware solutions for email and web that meet information protection.

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ARgon for Email, is an adaptive data loss prevention (DLP) solution. ARgon enables organisations to bring Adaptive Data Loss Prevention functionality into to their existing infrastructure.

Clearswift ARgon for Email adds an extra layer of security to an organisation’s information security system.

Easy to install and collaborative with most non-Clearswift email gateway products, ARgon automatically removes sensitive data and embedded malicious content from email as it passes in and out of a company network; removing only the exact content that breaks policy and enabling the rest of the communication to continue unhindered.

Argo for Email is direction agnostic, meaning that policies can be applied equally well to incoming as well as outgoing communications, so it can also remove potentially harmful active content from documents before they are opened by a user. 


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CST in conjunction with Clearswift is offering a complimentary Critical Information Health Check to help you understand the gaps in your information security system that put your organisation at risk of a data breach through a cyber-attack or ‘leak’ from within. Nigel Lewis