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Computer Security Technology is an established UK consultancy specialist providing Cyber Security and Infornation Protection services and solutions.

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CST 22 years experience

Microsoft Application Security Event Reporter (MASER) is a CST software solution to centrally capture, log, archive and analyse Microsoft system events.

It was developed and created using commercially supported toolkits along with 20 year of experience. CST developed the MASER to augment the Microsoft operating System and maximise the return on existing investment.

A typical Microsoft server or application will log literally millions of events in a 24 hour period. Such events contains valuable data, however such logs will be ignored due to the vast quantity and time required to review such events. MASER simplifies the process of capturing MS events and converting the logs into useful information.

MASER Features

  • Identify security incidents before they become security incidents
  • Demonstrate event analysis for Compliance & Audit best practice
  • Diagnose security policy failures
  • Supports Windows platforms

MASER Benefits


Allows for rapid and simple collects logs from just about any MS application, Server or Desktop OS.


Asses log events for importance and correlate against best practice security templates.  Including rapid association of common/linked events from separate systems.


Automate the escalation and distribution of important events.


Various reports ranging from summary style compliance-ratings to drill-down deep detail all customisable and easy to produce.


Logs are separately time/date stamped, hashed to retain integrity and made available when required for post event analysis and forensic style examination.


Understanding the components that equate and comprise risk, is the first step to a risk management programme. An organisation can not eliminate all risk, but instead have to accept a level appropriate to their own particular operating needs.

Nigel Lewis