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April 14, 2014

What links rats to Sharepoint, NAS and Exchange?

What do rats, mice and other vermin have in common with SharePoint, NAS and Microsoft Exchange? Maybe not very much on the surface but, in the fight against internet threats, the detail is in what lies beneath.

Most businesses have antivirus software or a wider protection package for user endpoints including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Many have security for their servers. But today's sophisticated threats and malware often hide away deep within the network, exploiting the black spots where some security solutions don't look.

Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Network Attached Storage all allow executable files to be stored, but they cannot be scanned by standard antivirus software. This makes them perfect places for malicious threats to hide - even if the malware is detected by a desktop or server antivirus during file transfer, the root cause of the infection will not be neutralised. Itís akin to having a nasty rodent infestation in your house that is always out of reach of the poison. You can deal with it when it pops out, but you never know when it will next show its ugly head.

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