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Problems with effective patching?

Bridge the gaps in your Infrastructure with Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager.

Patching - one of the IT jobs you can never seem to nail down. Maybe you simply can’t keep on top of patching all of the various operating systems and applications your users have access to. Or perhaps you’re concerned about causing disruption to productivity by introducing new updates. Whatever challenges are thrown your way, Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager swiftly navigates these obstacles with one fully comprehensive solution.

Bridging the gap

For a number of reasons, organisations are still not investing in patching automation and processes, even though they are aware of the risks associated. Perhaps this is due to the belief that it’s easier, cheaper, or both to continue doing business on systems that they know are unprotected or under-protected than to defend those systems adequately. So why does this keep happening, even when we see companies suffering significantly and publicly from taking similar risks?

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How Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager can help

The solution combines the capabilities you need to enable comprehensive, consolidated, and automated patch management across your infrastructure.

Detect and remediate vulnerabilities for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and select Linux operating systems.

Patch hundreds of types and versions of third- party applications, such as Oracle, Java, and popular Web browsers.

Other features include:

  • Faster, automated and simple to use: Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager helps businesses achieve the 14-day patch deadline as set in the UK Governments Cyber Essentials standard.
  • Pre-testing of patch updates to prevent user disruption, system downtime or asset impact.
  • Agentless technology that improves network coverage and swiftness of adoption.
  • Patches Third Party Applications for complete patching from one solution.



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