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Symantec (aka Broadcom) provides solutions to help enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information.

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Extend your teams with actionable cyber threat intelligence. Make sharper decisions to defend against emerging global threats.

Symantec DeepSight Alert Services provide early warning of potential security threats. Delivered via email, SMS, voice, fax, and a secure website, these alerts are designed to help your enterprise maintain business continuity and improve adherence to emerging security regulations — all at a fraction of the cost of building a customised in-house solution.

Think of Deepsight as you employing a dedicated team working 24/7/365 to contrast your specific list of technology with:

  1. All exploits being publicised and
  2. If the exploits are being used in new and emerging vulnerabilities/threats.

And that you are alerted by such team on a prioritised basis with recommendations to mitigate and close the exploitable condition.

Key Features

  • Tracks vulnerabilities in more than 18,000 operating systems, applications, and technologies from 2,200 vendors.
  • Complete personalisation enables users to receive only those alerts that are relevant to their business units, geographical locations, and skill sets.
  • Secured and hardened failover, research, and dispatch resources ensure persistent guidance and intelligence to enable your business continuity.
  • Consistently delivers timely alerts whose guidance is in the framework of best security practices and includes mitigating strategies and workarounds when available.

Key Benefits

  • Provides the fastest alerts and the most relevant guidance on technologies that you, your employees, and your partners are using.
  • You can prioritise the alerts to better plan and schedule mitigation and remediation activities.
  • Industry-leading services uptime provisioning.
  • Licensing flexibility including user, add-on user, re-distribution user, and Enterprise licensing including private labeling.

Opinion & Resources

Another way of understanding DeepSight is analogy where a naval ship in a battle ready situation has to use its radar to constantly detect possible malicious threats. At the same time it has to discern them from friendly (non relevant threats) and quickly understand that should the threat turn and head its way, just what the threat comprises (potential damage, points of attack, payload etc). Now we are not suggesting you all suddenly become naval captains, but in the same light you probably don’t have the resources to have your own internet threat radar; and this is where Deepsight could fill a vulnerability and intelligence foresight gap. Nigel Lewis