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June 2, 2019

Could you enjoy “Business as Usual” if your firewall stopped working?

Check Point firewall version R77.30 will go end of support in September. Just 17 weeks away! All versions prior to R77.30 are already unsupported. Therefore, we urge customers running on R77.30 or lower to contact us immediately and arrange an upgrade to the latest supported version.

Your firewall is at the heart of your business. Without it operating correctly, your business cannot function. Firewall failure may result in loss of Internet access and email, or attackers compromising your business systems, customer data or intellectual property; all of which could have catastrophic effects on your business. Still, many businesses overlook this and continue to run unsupported legacy software or hardware, not appreciating that this is a ticking timebomb. Sudden failure of an unsupported product could immediately cripple many businesses. Therefore, ensuring your firewall is upgraded and fully supported by the vendor is crucially important to ensure the best protection against the latest “Gen V” cyber threats, and maintain timely access to expert help if problems arise.

Let us look at the top 10 reasons why enterprises everywhere choose the latest Check Point R80.30 for the best Threat Prevention, Performance and Cyber Security Management:

  1. Practical Prevention against Advanced Threats - protect users from malicious web downloads using real-time Threat Extraction technology with a seamless user experience
  2. State-of-the-Art SSL Inspection - new Patent-Pending technologies delivering the power to inspect SSL-encrypted network traffic with secure SNI verification improvements
  3. Superior Management & Visibility - Single Pane of Glass Management – Manage security on a global level with pre-emptive threat prevention and full threat visibility all in one console
  4. Single Console, Unified Policy - achieve operational efficiency with all access points controlled in one place
  5. Cyber Attack Dashboard - real-time forensic and event investigation with a single view into security risks
  6. Log Exporter - enables easy integration with 3rd parties with a simpler and faster user experience for exporting logs
  7. Logging & Monitoring - unified logs for Security Gateways, SandBlast Agent and SandBlast Mobile for simple log analysis
  8. Multi-Tasking - increase productivity and collaboration with granular admin delegation and concurrent admins.
  9. Management APIs & SmartConsole Extensions - expand and customise the Check Point SmartConsole, integrate tools you work with directly into the SmartConsole!
  10. Adaptive Security for Public & Private Clouds - CloudGuard family for complete cloud security: CloudGuard IaaS, SaaS and Dome9

Your security is only as strong as your ability to manage it. Check Point R80.30 provides customers with the best security management with the Industry’s largest integration of technologies; over 160 technology partners just for management! With Check Point R80.30 Cyber Security Management, your business can step up to Gen V.

CST, with their long-standing security partners Askaris Information Technology, can provide expert advice for all Check Point products, for the complete lifecycle of your security gateway, from planning, to installation and ongoing 24x7 support. Please contact our Sales Team to see how we can keep your security solutions “Business as Usual”.