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February 11, 2019

The Symantec Web & Email services are now available to customers as a managed services through Symantec partners such as CST.

How we add value to our Customers

CST managed services include technical support, service wrapper, interim reviews and healthcheck.

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  • Providing front-line technical support for clients from our dedicated UK support centre for over 12 years.
  • Interim reviews and new feature walkthroughs to ensure you maintain effectiveness of the service.
  • Quarterly reports of your key usage stats, threats and alerts highlights.
  • Dedicated Account Manager who is knowledgeable, and experienced with the Cloud Service - able to help you quickly.
  • Service wrapper to remove burdens when using the cloud Phishing Awareness service - we can create, schedule and manage the Phishing campaigns for you.
  • ATP defence extension: where you use the Email cloud ATP service, we are able to deploy the complementary Endpoint and Network ATP technologies to ensure an interconnected ATP posture.
  • Email Encryption Extension - Services around both Boundary and Policy-based Encryption, EIC, Quarantine, Email Submissions, etc.
  • Not just email - Services are also provided around WS.Cloud WSS and the Web Isolation Services (these Services provide Security for internet access and website threats)

Customer Testimonials

Our email has to be absolutely clean - that's why the service is so vital to us. Our business not only relies on communications; our business is communications, since we provide the information exchange medium between job candidates and clients.Corporate Marketing Manager, Synergy Group

No doubt about it, we've had fewer worries since we signed up with the service.IT Development Manager, Cotton Traders

For us the business case is quite simple: why struggle to achieve an expensive virus-free environment internally when you can buy into a service which offers 100% protection at a fixed and predictable cost.Head of Web Development, World Club Travel


Symantec Email safeguards cloud-based email with threat and anti-spam protection for Office 365, Google Apps, and more.

Symantec Web detect threats, control access, protect users anywhere.