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July 15, 2018

If youíre responsible for your organisationís data security, youíll know how overwhelming the job can feel at times. The constant demands for maintaining your cybersecurity framework seem endless. You are bombarded daily with marketing messages from security providers promising you the world, but which solutions are the best? Which should you spend your budget on to ensure security longevity, and which offerings are just a flash in the pan?

Help is at hand! Gartner have released a report which reveals the top 10 security projects to reduce risk and make the largest impact on your business. The solutions listed in the report reduce the most amount of risk for businesses in regard to safeguarding data. This helpful report is designed to aid CISOs or IT Department heads make informed choices on which solutions and services to adopt to make their resources go further.

The good news is that CST offer the vast majority of solutions and services already to address these topics. We provide Managed Services and Solutions such as Privileged Account Management (PAM), Staff Security Awareness Training (anti-phishing) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to mention a select few.

With many of the projects named in the report, CST have the capability to take full control and responsibility over specific areas of your data security, kicking off with a comprehensive assessment to determine which services are in need of implementation versus those already in place. We will then manage, maintain, update, administer and control the entire project for you, freeing up your valuable resources to add value to the business elsewhere.

Read the full article from Gartner here.

How many of these solutions do you currently have in your security repertoire? If your cybersecurity measures are not stacking up to the perfect 10, please get in touch with our experienced Sales Team today who will help you achieve the best in data security the industry has to offer.