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April 17, 2018

The GPDR mandate, which replaces the Data Protection Act (DPA), enters into force on 25th May 2018. If you haven’t yet started the process, businesses now have a very short timescale to ensure their data security practices adhere to the new standards. CST have teamed up with 8MAN to offer you a place on an exclusive GDPR webinar to answer all of those burning questions and dispel the myths behind becoming GDPR compliant. Register here!

The GDPR Requirements relating to of Access Rights Management are Articles 5 and 32 which imply a number of access rights management requirements for your company.
Article 5: Implicit Requirements 
1. Ensuring data security and integrity: Resources that contain personal data must only be accessible to trustworthy individuals. Additionally, all folders must be subject to continuous monitoring.
2. Documentation of access rights: Especially, the accountability requirement of article 5, paragraph 2 states that data processing institutions must account for the exact access and permissions history of each directory. 
3. Maintenance of access rights situations: The joiners, movers, and leavers process (including the life cycle of a user account in your company network) requires both IT and business departments to maintain an overview of all access rights and make changes very quickly. Data theft most often occurs during the leavers phase. At this point, business departments need to have already removed the employee’s permissions to security critical directories. 
Article 32: Implicit Requirements 
4. Introducing Data Owners: The GDPR demands clear responsibilities when processing personal data. In this context, introducing the role of a Data Owner is absolutely central. Data Owners are managers that protect data within their departments. They know exactly which directories must be protected and which employees require access. The introduction of new roles such as Data Owners also requires new processes of collaboration and documenting shared activities and responsibilities.

Managing and limiting your employee’s access to sensitive data is key to contributing towards GDPR compliance. It is a basic task that can be challenging if you're just using Active Directory native tools. Through comprehensive automation, 8MAN can solve this issue. Do you know:

Who has access to network resources, and how they acquired these access rights?
If a confidential file has been modified or copied to a different folder?
How many ex-employees still have access rights to your network?
How robust your network is from an inadvertent data breach? 
Who has overall responsibility for managing access rights within your organisation?

You are invited to attend an exclusive 45-minute webinar, brought to you by the expertise of CST with industry-leading solutions from 8MAN. Learn how to be cyber resilient, avoid penalty fines for non-compliance and sidestep the data protection pitfalls with practical advice on how to keep your data secure.

Don’t leave it too late! Remember, the deadline is 25th May 2018 – which is just a few short weeks away.
What is the WebEx about?
Join us on the webinar to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of personal data breaches and keep data secure. Followed by a live demonstration of 8MAN Access Rights Management Solution.

Welcome & Overview to GDPR Panel Discussion 
Simon Cuthbert, Head of International, 8MAN  

Answers to your GDPR Concerns 
Jim Sneddon - CISSP, ITIL, GDPR Practitioner
Simon Cuthbert - Head of International 
Steven Gormly - International Pre-Sales Manager                

Simon Cuthbert, Head of International, 8MAN 

Closing Comments 

Once you’ve registered to our webinar, why not prepare yourself further by taking advantage of the following online resources in the meantime:

Find out who has access to any given resource, run real-time reports and manage access rights with this short video from 8MAN.

Discover how 8MAN Access Rights Management Solutions can help you on your way to become GDPR ready with this 2 minute video.

Download the 8MAN whitepaper ‘A Necessity with New Requirements’ for full details on how to ensure your business complies with the new mandate.

For more information on 8MAN, or to contact the CST Sales Team, please click here.