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February 21, 2018

Data Leak Prevention? Donít Lose productivity? Disney Land Paris?! DLP means many things to many different people. We want to talk about Data Loss Prevention. Here at CST, we understand that the whole topic can feel like a minefield, given the fact there are so many factors involved in the process.

From physical security of printed information such as printed board papers and computer systems, through to blanket information encryption in various forms and then to content aware DLP, the mind boggles at where to start protecting your data from loss. 

Commonly used security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and antivirus software can help guard computers against all forms of attacks. A firewall, for example, prevents the access of an attack from outside your organisation, and antivirus scans that detect Trojan horses can avert inside attacks. 

Businesses generate a massive amount of data every day. From communications with customers, order processing and internal data such as emails between colleagues, phone calls and invoice handling. If any of this data were leaked and/or lost through a leak of any kind, the consequences can be severe. At best, you might be exercising damage limitation with your PR team; at worst, you could be breaking the law.

With the forthcoming changes to the way businesses are to handle customer data, the new GDPR mandate coming into force in May 2018 means that organisations need to meet certain compliance to avoid substantial fines. With particular emphasis on data loss, the right to be forgotten (RTBF) ruling dictates that organisations must remove or delete upon request an individualís data, as long as there is no compelling requirement to keep it. More information on the RTBF ruling can be found here.

How confident are you that your business is ready for GDPR compliance? Findings from a recent research study from Clearswift reported that within businesses across the UK, US, Germany and Australia, 41% of board level directors believe their organisation has what it takes in order to meet the new regulations. However, just 21% of middle management level employees considered the same to be true. Thatís a large divide by anyoneís standards Ė so why the gap? Read the full article here.

To help debunk all of this convoluted information into a simple, easy to follow reference, CST have teamed up with Clearswift to bring you a ĎDLP For Beginners Guideí which is free to download. Donít allow DLP to get the better of you when all the information you need to stay secure is right here with CST and Clearswift. 

Get informed on DLP and download the guide today!