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November 28, 2017

Protecting information is not a new concept and we split our approach across Cyber Defence (keeping the bad stuff out) and Information Protection (making sure your data stays safe.) You may have already seen our 10 Top Tips for Cyber Defence & Information Protection that provide structured and targeted advice for Information Best Practice. We are thrilled to announce that we now offer these in a workshop format.

For Cyber Defence we explore:

• The five controls identified in the Cyber Essentials framework
• Benchmarking your current practices against industry standards
• A full summary of the workshop with actionable feedback and risk reducing recommendations

For Information Protection you can expect:

• Identification of areas of weakness where Information Security can be improved in line with industry best practise
• An understanding of how to classify, define and grade information assets (IA’s) in term of importance to the business
• An objective risk score, which reflects your current Information Protection state

Knowing where to begin with your IT security strategy can be daunting, but with 20 years in the industry CST are perfectly positioned to help you find your starting point.