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June 1, 2017

Be it Cryptolocker, CryptoWall or most recently Wannacry – Ransomware is a very real and growing threat.

These attacks work by encrypting an organisations data and holding it to ransom. The malware is usually sent via email with ‘booby-trapped’ attachments.

Darren Thomson, Chief Technology Officer for Symantec in Europe, said the statistics from their recent Internet Security Threat Report suggest about one in every 131 email messages was now harbouring some kind of cyber-threat.

“They are arriving in Word documents and Excel spreadsheets,” he said, “the messages people get many times a day.”

How can I reduce my chances of attack?

The most recent version of this malware (Wannacry) hit this month (May 2017) and reported 75,000 cases across 99 countries. That said, many vendors have jumped to attention and are claiming their solutions would have prevented this attack.

Whilst this may be true for some, we at CST believe a more holistic approach is required that encapsulates, people, process as well as technology. By splitting your security strategy across prevention and detection, identification and control and incorporating best practice, you really will reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

How can I find out more?

We have some helpful Best Practice Guides for Cyber Defence and Information Protection, that can be downloaded here.

We are also offering 1:1 Ransomware Clinics to answer any questions you may have and to discuss how CST can help you implement a robust and long standing Cyber Strategy. Email us now or call the team on 0207 621 9740 to book an appointment.

With Ransomware attacks up 50% from last year*, let us help you get one step ahead.

* Verizon data breach report