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October 13, 2016

There’s that word again, Cyber! But what do we really mean when we talk about “Cyber” and more importantly “Cyber Defence.”

We at CST are referring to the protection of your organisation’s environment (and ultimately your data) from the threats posed by you being connected to the internet.

We are addressing key questions such as, “How do I minimise internet threats gaining access to my environment?” In essence, how do we prevent the bad stuff getting in and more importantly, how do we prevent the bad stuff being successful in stealing our data. In addition, we are asking, “When a breach occurs, how do I understand the what, when and how?” Specifically, how do we quickly and efficiently detect if a breach has broken through. By addressing these key areas of prevent and detect, you will not only reduce the chances of a breach occurring but also be perfectly positioned to act should the worst happen.

This month’s newsletter explores all the specially selected, tried and tested vendors that CST partner with to equip you with the best PREVENTION technology out there.

If Cryptolocker Strikes, Will You Be Ready?

The rules have changed. New advanced threats such as Crypto and Randsomware are evolving every day to bypass traditional Security controls. It’s not enough to be reactive now, you have to be proactive in dealing with attacks against your business. With Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), you get world-class security in an ever-changing world. They are researching emerging threats every day to help protect enterprises like yours shift from a defensive strategy to an offensive position. Symantec is changing the rules of engagement and with the assistance of us here at CST, we can help you adopt a more robust security posture. Join our WebEx on 12th October at 2:00pm to understand more about Symantec ATP.


GDPR: What to know and what to do

In May 2018, when the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable, every business offering products or services to EU citizens – and those handling data of EU citizens – will be required to adhere to a strict set of data privacy and security measures. Hence in or out of Europe, the chances are GDPE will affect more businesses.

To help you understand the requirements and prepare for complying with the GDPR, please join Tenable and Scott Giordano, guest expert presenter for the on-demand webinar: “13 Essential Steps to Address the Security Requirements of the New EU General Data Protection Regulation.”

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • A brief overview of the GDPR
  • Why the Regulation matters to information security professionals
  • 13 essential steps you should take to help ensure GDPR compliance

This on-demand session will be especially useful for CISOs and InfoSec professionals responsible for meeting compliance mandates, advising senior management on security and privacy matters, and strategic planning for ensuring the effectiveness of security operations.


Are you getting the basics right when it comes to Cyber Defence?

There is a huge tendency to over complicate security strategy, when the basics are in fact most important. Something as simple as effective patch management can reduce your security risk massively. Unpatched software is the top reason computers get exploited and technology such as HEAT (formerly Lumension) can help you address this head on. HEAT Security Configuration Management allows you to keep your systems updated and free from OS and application vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by cyber criminals. It also ensures there are no “blind spots” thanks to having the industry’s broadest third party vulnerability content.

In a crowded market place, filled with fast paced problems, CST can help you cut through the noise. By simplifying your security options, that decision making process just got one bit easier. We adopt an “outside, in” view that is supported by best of breed technology and additional professional services that allows you to answer the key question “How do I minimise internet threats gaining access to my environment and successfully stealing my data?”


The Evolution of Security

We are excited to announce an up-coming WebEx and infographic series in partnership with Clearswift. Ever wondered where the term “bug” came from? Do you know thedefining moments in the history of Cyber Security? Keep an eye out for our amazing new infographic that will walk you through the evolution of IT security and then join us on an informative WebEx to learn about the technology we have to protect against these changing threats. If you can’t wait, please get in touch with our experienced team or visit our website to find out more about the Clearswift portfolio.