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July 27, 2016

Some things remain

Since the UK voted for Brexit, we’ve seen new political and economic consequences on a near daily basis. A new Prime Minister, open revolt in the Labour party and turmoil on international markets. But some things stay the same and IT support from CST is just as it was before. In a fast moving industry, we’re used to managing change.

‘Prepare for more cybercrime after Brexit’, experts warn

The nation is gripped in the aftermath of Brexit, eager to learn what it means for the future of the UK. But be careful which links you click in search of more information. This wouldn’t be the first time criminals have used a major event to spread more malware.

Huge surge in Android ransomware attacks

Traditionally, it has been users of PCs that cybercriminals have targeted with ransomware attacks, locking their data and holding it hostage until a victim pays to have it released. But now experts are reporting a rise in incidents targeting Android devices.

Top tips for tightening your phone security

Always use secure Wi-Fi connections, don't keep sensitive information on your phone, set up second-layer security and stop flashing it about. These are the best ways to increase mobile security. Read more in this month’s tips and tricks article.

CST awarded ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ certification body status - we can help you achieve Cyber Defence recognition.
Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement fundamental levels of protection against cyber-attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously. We can assist with the advice, and can undertake assessment to award you Cyber Essentials plus certification.