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March 29, 2016

CST | Internet Information & System Security

Hatch a plan with us

As the financial year end looms for a lot UK businesses, and Easter brings with it a theme of beginnings. It may also bring an opportunity to take stock, review and consider your Information Security & Cyber defence priorities; if you do then you know who to call.

We can help set your security strategy and cyber technology agenda for the 12 months ahead, offering expect specialist advice on how to improve your cyber and IT security posture.

'Advanced and nasty' Android malware discovered

Sobering news for users of Android devices as it emerges a new piece of malware could give hackers unbridled access to their devices. Please be on your guard for ‘MazarBOT’, which encourages you to download a bogus MMS messaging app.

Cyber criminals target UK bank accounts

It shouldn’t be news to anyone but a new Trend Micro study serves as a useful reminder of the threats of online banking. It seems UK users are a prime target for cyber criminals across the world due to our frequent use of banking websites and our high credit card limits.

Lincolnshire council cyber-breach lesson for all

No doubt you have received emails containing suspicious attachments purporting to be invoices from suppliers you do not recognise. Ever wondered what could happen if you opened those attachments? Lincolnshire council recently found out.

CST awarded ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ certification body status - we can help you achieve Cyber Defence recognition.
Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement fundamental levels of protection against cyber-attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously. We can assist with the advice, and can undertake assessment to award you Cyber Essentials plus certification.