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December 14, 2015

Cyber Security Showcase
Join us for a choice of up to 4 topical free security webinars:

Our webinars are devised to summarise and put into context the current threat landscape affecting all organisations within the UK. They are specifically designed to keep you up to date with what is going on in the industry, potential risks to be aware of, and solutions that can be applied.

Best of all they are free to join and non-obligatory, simply just let us know which one you wish to join and you will receive the joining details via email.

We are currently running regular scheduled webinars on the following four topical themes:

Cyber Security Webinar - Virtual Seminar
Join us for an informative Webinar to discuss Cyber Security & Data Breaches

Agenda Items:

Latest IT security report summary, industry analysis, successful hacks and data breach examples.

What is the UK Government doing about the issue? Their suggestions to reduce 80% of common Cyber-attacks threats with the Cyber Essentials scheme.

Cyber-attacks in focus - what has a small Bakery losing £19K, have in common with a major Airline losing £3.3 million?

Good practices and emerging security strategies - why existing precautions are not dealing with new risks and suggestions for improvement.

Lumension - Endpoint Management & Security - IT Control Made Simple!
Join us for a 1 hour Webinar to discover how LEMSS can offer "Total Endpoint Security and Control"

Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite enables you to take control of your endpoints through an agile solution suite that simplifies systems management, expands operational visibility and delivers more effective IT security. All the while reducing complexity and endpoint TCO.

Today’s rapidly changing IT network is more distributed and virtual than ever – more data is being stored on remote endpoints, such as laptops and smart phones, and increasingly accessed through collaborative cloud-based applications. Additionally, targeted threats are on the rise, with the demand for defence-in-depth security frameworks more important than ever. Successfully balancing the need for layered, point-based technologies to disrupt these persistent attacks with budget and resource restraints is the struggle that organizations are constantly faced with.

How does L.E.M.S.S. improve endpoint security?

Device Control - attached media control with granular centralised policy management.

Patch & Remediation - remove exploitable conditions with fast, accurate patching of: Windows, Non windows OS’s, and Vulnerable applications.

Application Control - intelligent whitelisting to prevent and deny non-authorised or malicious applications from affecting the endpoint.

8MAN - Access Rights Management & Auditing
Join us for a 45 minute WebEx to discover the power of 8MAN

8MAN addresses the fundamental flaws in the traditional approach to user-provisioning, access rights and permissions, effectively bridging the gap between IT and business units (data owners), empowering them to meaningfully contribute to your security procedures. 8MAN’s unique strength lies in its ability to provide an integrated overview of permissions across your organization, supporting:

Active Directory

File server


MS Exchange

The traditional analysis of access rights is limited to determining the current access rights situation. 8MAN Security Monitoring allows the detection of all security relevant activities on the company’s network and files servers. This closes a major security loophole: self-assigned access rights intended for data theft no longer fly under the radar. Moreover, particularly sensitive security-relevant directories are monitored on a permanent basis down to the file server, and the individual file level.

It is said that “Complexity is the enemy of Security”, and the permissions jungle found on a typical network is just such an example of such complexity, 8man provides immediate visibility and simple control.

Thycotic - Admin & Privilege Account Management - Managing the keys to the Kingdom
Thycotic Secret Server enables organisations to neutralise the risk posed by unmanaged privileged accounts

Privileged accounts provide elevated access to systems and information that are required for platforms to function. Organisations generally have 3 or 4 times as many privileged accounts as they do employees and each represents an open door to the network. Today, many organisations have an incomplete understanding of where their accounts are, who has access to them, and when an administrator leaves the organisation, have no way of revoking the credentials exposed to the administrator.

A few of the challenges simplified with Secret Server:

Service accounts - centrally discover and automatically change password on the long forgotten and often overlooked service accounts.

Contractor/short lived admin accounts - create auto expiry admin accounts.

Safeguard admin account passwords - offers a central encrypted store with policy access and auditing of who, what and when.

Admin task replay - CCTV for admin actions, allow reply of what was changed by an admin on any system.

Admin privilege control - remove the need for administrators to know or remember an admin password.

Secret server enables organisations to understand where their accounts are, who has access to them, and enforce policy whilst demonstrating compliance to auditors, join us for a 1 hour webinar.