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November 26, 2015

Monthly roundup from CST
Your guide to the IT news this month

Welcome to the November edition of our information and system security monthly news roundup.

Cyber Security Virtual Seminars: Detecting a Cyber-attack and Preventing a Data Breach.Details and registration

Cyber-criminals target businesses with ‘whale’ scam

Digital connectivity can offer your business a sea of opportunities but when an email looks fishy, it’s worth checking that this not just another piscatorial scam. Yes, after ‘phishing’ comes ‘whaling’, an attempt to swindle big money out of your accounts department.

TalkTalk communication fiasco

Several weeks after TalkTalk suffered one of the most significant hacks of data in recent memory, customers have still had no explanation as to how their data had been compromised.

Apple discovers major App Store breach

It’s long been asserted that Apple is the safest choice for smartphone owners, but recently it has undergone a major clean-up of its iOS App Store following the biggest malware attack in its history.