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September 28, 2015

Monthly roundup from CST
Your guide to the IT news this month

Welcome to the September edition of our information and system security monthly news roundup.

Each month our newsletter covers current and emerging issues from the world of IT, technical tips, security events, best practice advice and ideas that can reduce budget spend and maximise return on investment.

Assume everything you say will be made public

Internet users have been encouraged to come to terms with the fact that, sooner or later, every piece of data they share online will be made public. This claim was made in a blog post published on IT news site, The Verve, and despite its semi-comedic tone, there is a serious underlying point and perhaps some lessons to be learned.

HP finds all smartwatches vulnerable to attack

A recent study by Hewlett Packard reveals that in a test of ten smartwatches, each one showed either insufficient authentication, a lack of encryption or concerns surrounding privacy.

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