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June 20, 2014

Why patch?
  • Mitigate day-zero attacks by keeping all applications up-to-date
  • Ensures no management or patch “blind spots”
  • Maintains detailed inventory for auditing
  • Lowers admin burden and costs
Why Lumension

Lumension Patch and Remediation allows IT administrators to automatically identify and patch vulnerabilities across heterogeneous operating systems, Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications, and endpoint configurations - all of which is seamlessly managed through a single console.

Already using SCCM?

Lumension Patch Manager DeskTop is an enterprise-class 3rd party application patching extension designed exclusively for Microsoft System Center that delivers greater patching efficiency and effectiveness. Allowing you to patch non-Windows Systems and 3rd party applications where SCCM cannot! It’s worth noting that vulnerabilities associated with non-MS systems are growing exponentially and should not be disregarded.

Download the datasheet here.

Next Steps?
Download the Four steps to cure your patch management headache.

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