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November 29, 2013

Information security: a suggestion for how to start your 2014

Before you can start protecting your business data, you need to know where it is and who can access it. Sounds simple enough - but many security professionals are unable to report on these details with confidence.

In today’s business environment, being a security professional is not easy. Data is under constant threat. Numerous data breach cases during the last year have raised serious questions about the way information security is handled.

So how can you make sure your organisation's data remains secure in 2014?

Can you answer the following three questions?

1) Do you know who has access to what information in your organisation?

2) Is the access they have to your systems appropriate?

3) If asked, could you run an accurate report on it?

In our experience many security professionals can't answer these questions with confidence. They therefore need to take a fast and proactive approach to guard against financial risk of fraud, identity theft, unauthorised access to Intellectual Property and protecting the company's brand image.


Find out where your data is and who can access it.

Streamline your Access Right Management process.

Don't assume that employees are sufficiently sensitised about what they should or should not do with sensitive company data.

Find out how much managing access rights is really costing you.

Finally, sit back and check just how much ROI you've achieved by actioning the first four resolutions.

Alternatively you can conduct an Active Directory Health Check, we have an excellent tool which looks in depth at security across your network, giving live interactive analysis of your AD and file server environment. The reports give you fast access to facts which allow you to answer the questions posed above. To find out more about call us today on
020 7621 7836 or email