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Delinea monitors privileged account credentials and identity access for admin and end users.

Privileged account passwords for domain admin accounts, root accounts, and super-user accounts are the preferred targets for hackers these days.

Once compromised, these privileged credentials give attackers the "keys to the kingdom," allowing them to gain access as a trusted user to your most sensitive and critical information.

Unfortunately, these privileged accounts are all too often unknown, unmanaged, and unprotected. If they are not properly managed and secured, your organisation could suffer disastrous consequences.

Attend this Webinar, if you need to:

  • Rotate, safeguard and manage Service Accounts without affecting system dependencies.
  • Have a Central store for privilege credentials that is secure, auditable and accessible.
  • Ensure Admin's have clear separation of privileges and are safeguarding their passwords.
  • Provide elevated privileges without divulging the password.
  • Identify and report on what an Admin did; who they are, what was changed, where and when.

Duration: 1 hour

Administration rights and access should be highly protected in any organisation

When a user does not have administrative rights, it is very difficult for malicious programs and users to install or run damaging applications that target critical infrastructures. Most vulnerabilities in a network can be mitigated purely by removing all administrative access from your everyday employee.

Unfortunately, in many organisations, administrative credentials are required to run a multiple applications. Additionally, it's simply not feasible to have an IT Administrator login with their credentials every time an employee needs to install or update acceptable software.

Typically, in order to skirt this, IT Admins will either provide end users with administrative access or people will write down the admin credentials on a post-it note and pass it around. Both of these can lead to extremely dangerous situations in the event that an endpoint or account is compromised.

Protecting your business by implementing a privilege policy is the best solution

That's where advanced Application Control solutions come in to play. By setting up a system that integrates with your endpoints, and managed in a central location by your IT Administrators, you can allow applications to elevate with privileged credentials based on a set of rules.

"Delinea have a complementary solution, that can centrally safeguard, manage and audit any and all credentials. Whether it’s a network password, an online banking code, or the padlock code for the server cage and more, called Delinea Secret Server. An encrypted corporate repository for everything that needs security but needs to be accessible."

Admin & Privilege Account Management

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