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Your complete guide to Privileged Account Management

Privileged Account Management for Dummies gives you practical tips, strategies, and insights from the world's leading PAM company.

The ebook is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to the scale of the threat, the nature of an attack, and how you can secure your organisation. All in the familiar, easy to digest 'Dummies' format with added technical detail for IT and systems administrators.

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Just a few of the items covered in this useful guide:

  • Why is PAM one of the cornerstones of network security, and cyber security?
  • Where should you begin to secure privileged passwords?
  • Understanding types of privileged accounts and issues of securing them?
  • Why is changing a service account password so important, and how to eliminate the dependency impact?
  • How cyber-criminals compromise your privileged accounts?

Delinea Privilege Manager for Windows provides privileged account passwords for domain admin accounts, root accounts, and super-user accounts are the preferred targets for hackers these days.

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