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Virtual Seminar

Please join us at a Virtual Seminar to learn why Gartner has named XDR (eXtended Detection & Response) as the number one trend for Security and Risk Managers.

This 60 minute session is co-hosted with Cynet, a leading MDR and XDR vendor and highly regarded by Gartner as an important player in this space.

Introduction to Managed Detection & Incident Response agenda:

  • The current threat landscape. (Why is it that Ransomware is one of the oldest of Cyber threats, yet remains so prevalent today?)
  • Demystifying the latest Cyber security rhetoric:  EDR, NDR, MDR and XDR. Why the analysts are urging Organisations to pay special attention.
  • What is ‘Incident Response’? (how you can be ready for a ‘worst case scenario’)
  • How to leverage automated response to expedite response, control risk and mitigate damage.
  • How a consolidated approach can increase efficiencies and protection in your security program.
  • How Cynet can improve cyber security and reduce resource costs.

XDR Virtual Seminar

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